Meet the Team

Before we get to know you, here is a short memo about our SiteAx team

Ksenia Moskalenko

web DESIGNER & co-founder

Suffolk University graduate in Global Business

Artem Axelrod

web developer & co-founder

Suffolk University graduate in Business Administration

The work we love

At SiteAx, we care about your goals and needs, while taking into account your possibilities. With clients from all over the globe, we tailor our approach to each and every customer, creating an enjoyable experience in web transformation. With an endless array of digital marketing options we thrive to create a project you and your clients will enjoy using.

personalized approach

We build long-term relationships with our clients and are always adapting to specific wants and needs as we work through a project.

Email support

We are always here to answer your questions. Got any last-minute ideas, please email us at:


If anything needs to be updated as we have completed our work on your project, do not worry - we got you covered with our long-term support options.

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